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Roadside emergency and what to do

Surprisingly this example of communication is probably our most common form of claims notifications. More now than ever clients are embracing social media by reaching out to us on WhatsApp or messenger and on occasions our website.

Having an accident is always an inconvenience, but its a priority that we do the following the moment we are notified:
* Making sure you are not hurt
* Establish whether other vehicles are involved
* Is your vehicle drivable 
* Arrange roadside assistance by your Insurers preferred supplier
* Getting your vehicle to a place of safety

If there is one piece of advice we can give you today, that would serve you, its the following:
"Check your policy schedule and save the roadside assistance call centre number to your contacts in your phone". 
You never know when you might need it.

Some roadside assistant features, like Trackbox, comes with a roadside emergency App. Please download it because it has GPRS capabilities, which the call centre use to Geolocate you.

For and assistance you can contact us through our website.

Article written by Andrew Ensor-Smith