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Funeral Plan

Our Funeral Plan policy gives the life assured (between the ages of 18 -65) monthly cover for Death as a result of accidental and natural causes.
Repatriation services are also included in this cover.

Description of benefits:
* Individual cover - this covers the main member only.
* Family cover - this covers the main member and spouse plus one to five defendants up to the age of 21 (or up to 25 if they are registered full-time students).
* Extension of cover for individual family members is also available at an additional premium.
* Death as a result of HIV/AIDS related illness is covered.
* Claims will be settled in less than two working days if all documentation is received.

Repatriation Services benefit:
* In the event of the Insured's death, the next of kin may decide on the place of burial and the funeral home
* The Mortal remains will then be sent to a branch of the chosen funeral home, closest to the cemetery.
* This service in only offered if both the death and burial occur within the borders of South Africa.

Waiting period:
The waiting period is a period during which no insurance is provided and monthly premiums are payable.
The following waiting periods apply:
* From the commencement date of the assured life on the policy, there is a six-month waiting period for that member for death as a result of natural causes. For death as a result of accident there is no waiting period.
* If we do not receive the monthly premium, the above waiting periods will recommence.

How to claim in the event of Death:
In the event of a claim, call the claim number provided in the schedule.
The following documents must be submitted to the claims department:
* The official claim form to be completed
* A Certified copy of the Abridged death certificate of the assured life
* Proof of identity of the assured life and the nominated beneficiary.
* The policy schedule.
* A fully completed Bl1663 form (notification of death form).
* An official policy report if the death of the assured life was due to unnatural causes.
* Proof of Banking details of the beneficiary and one months bank statement.
* If no beneficiaries exist, then a letter of executorship from the high court is required.
* Any other documentary proof that may be required by the Insurer.

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