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If the bicycle is specified on the policy schedule for pre-agreed value we will not apply average and the client will have cover up to the sum insured.

What is covered ?:

·         Accidental damage to the bicycle and accessories

·         Pothole damage

·         Damage incurred during training rides

·         Damage incurred during participation in a cycling event

·         Damage or theft in transit

·         Theft and hijacking

Included under the All Risks section is the Cyclesure Trip Cancellation cover.

What is covered:

The client can claim for pre-paid expenses like race entry fees, accommodation and travelling expenses if he/she needs to cancel his/her cycling trip due to the following:

·         Unforeseen illness, injury, or death involving you, your travel companion or a close relative.

·         Being made redundant.

·         Accidental damage, burglary, flooding or fire affecting your home, either while you are away or within two days before your departure.

·         You being subjected to compulsory quarantine.

·         A city on your itinerary suffering a terrorist attack within two weeks before your departure, leading you to abandon your trip.

·         R 10 000 cover is automatically included in the basic cover, but the client can increase this cover at an additional premium.

Age Limit: under 80 years

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