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Cohabiting with vervet monkeys

With the expansion of homes and security Estates on the KZN north coast, with it brings frequent confrontations with Humans and Vervet monkeys. It is important to remember that we are developing homes in locations previously habited by troops of monkeys. Finding solutions on co-habitation is better than one taking matters into their own hands or trying to find ways to relocate the moneys, here are a few reasons why:

There have been a number of reports regarding aggressive male monkeys on the estate/s and that residents are afraid to walk.

This time of year is quite dynamic in monkey troop activities. There has been a lot of breeding activity with the result that most of the females are carrying babies and a number of young males are now doing the teenage thing and looking out for a troop to take over. These young but fully grown males detach themselves from the troop and operate in this manner until they can take over a troop or are happy to accept a lower status.
All over the land there are young male vervets looking to develop alpha-male status, so relocation is not an option.


So, what to do?
Around your home

  • Do not leave any fruit lying around. Keep it in the fridge or a microwave or other lock up box. The monkeys' sense of smell is very good and they can detect it from a long way off and will come looking.
  • Keep all doors and windows secure from monkey access. If monkeys come and cannot smell any food and cannot get into your home they will move on.
  • Do not feed birds as the Monkeys eat the bird seed as well.
  • If monkeys bother you around the house, the best way to move them on is a water pistol or spray. A water hose also works, as does flicking at them with an item of clothing or a towel.

Whilst on a walk around the estate

  • If you are unhappy with the presence of monkeys, carry your water pistol of spray gun with you.
  • Do not let your dog be at all aggressive to the monkeys.
  • If you are uncomfortable walking with a child in the presence of monkeys, try and avoid them or walk in areas where there are less trees.

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Article courtesy of Brettenwood Homeowners Association (a security estate on the beautiful KZN North Coast)